Tent halls with sheet metal sides

Tent halls with sheet metal sides

also known as industrial tent halls, they are an excellent alternative to traditional steel storage structures. They allow for the storage of, among others:

  • building materials,
  • raw materials,
  • machines,

and also for using production lines in them.


  • exceptional durability,
  • resistance to extreme weather conditions,
  • aluminium frame,
  • functionality.

Characteristics of warehouse tent halls

The advantage of industrial halls is primarily the durable and extreme weather resistant, aluminium construction, and in addition:

  • The possibility of building large-size constructions.
  • Halls are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. They are recommended for companies that need to undertake an investment quickly.
  • They guarantee full security, both for the people who are inside and the stored materials.
  • They can have lighting as well as heating. Thus, they can be used after dark and in cold weather.
  • They are resistant to harmful atmospheric factors, such as UV rays, wind, rainfall and mechanical damage.
  • Maintaining a hall also means lower operating fees related to, among others, the real estate tax.
  • The possibility to install an electrical installation and an alarm system (in co-operation with InterAlarm).
  • The possibility of leasing or factoring.
  • Compliance with the Polish Construction Law.
  • The construction without supports allows for the use of the entire usable space.
  • A 36-month Haleco warranty.

Why is it worth to choose industrial tent halls?

As a manufacturer of industrial tent halls, we attach great importance to the use of the highest quality components. In addition, each time before we start production, we prepare an individual design so that the final product is fully in line with the expectations and requirements of the customer.

Our halls can be used in changing weather conditions.

They function well both in Poland and abroad.

If you have any questions, contact our sales department or use our quotation form.