Price list

Prices of tent halls and storage halls

HALECO SYSTEM offers warehouse and tent halls which are one of the cheapest solutions to provide roofing for warehouses and industrial or leisure purposes (tennis courts, ice rinks).


  • the highest quality of workmanship,
  • much lower maintenance costs than traditional structures (including the real estate tax),
  • easy transport of the “building”
  • no renovation costs (the only cost is the replacement of the tarpaulin every 15-20 years).

Hall prices depend, among others, on:

  • the endurance of the structure against atmospheric factors such as snow and wind. The cheapest offer are halls with a resistance of around 20kg/m2. All-season tents are characterized by a higher cost of production, because they have a reinforced structure, reaching the endurances of 70 to 160kg of snow per square metre,
  • their size,
  • additional equipment.

Example costs of tent halls:

  • warehouse halls with PVC sides – 180-300 PLN/m2,
  • warehouse halls with sheet metal sides – 250-400 PLN/m2,
  • halls with polyurethane sandwich panel sides – from PLN 400/m2.

If you have any questions, contact our sales department or use our quotation form.

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