Tent halls with PVC sides

Aluminium tent halls

They are perfect as storage rooms. They can store various types of goods, such as:

  • construction materials,
  • machines,
  • packaging materials,
  • food,
  • tyres.


  • easy assembly and disassembly,
  • functionality,
  • convenience.

The main advantage of our products is a durable, yet neat and well-thought-out, design, and in addition:

  • Large-size constructions – warehouse halls with PVC sides can have any dimensions – width/length from 10 to 50 meters and the height of the side wall up to even 8 metres. We are the only company that, thanks to the use of special profiles, is able to build tent halls of such a sidewall height.
  • Tents are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. We can cover up to 1000 m2 within 12 hours.
  • The special cover fabric is made according to the high PN-91/P-04824 standard. Its use allows us to obtain temperature stabilization in the range between -30 to +70 degrees C. The fabric is PVC coated on both sides. The use of low-flammable M2 class materials means that people are allowed to work inside.
  • Mobility – they can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • They can have lighting as well as heating. Thus, they can be used after dark and in cold weather.
  • They are resistant to changing weather conditions and mechanical damage.
  • Using halls also means lower maintenance fees connected, for example, with the real estate tax.
  • It is possible to install an electrical installation and an alarm system in them (in co-operation with InterAlarm).
  • An additional advantage of tent halls is the possibility of choosing any colour variant or ordering optional advertising graphics.
  • A 36-month Haleco warranty.
  • The possibility of leasing or factoring.
  • Compliance with the Polish Construction Law.
  • The construction without supports allows for the use of the entire usable space.
  • Individual objects can be put together, both widthwise and lengthwise, allowing for any geometrical and surface arrangement.
  • Halls up to 15 m wide do not require the construction of spread footings or strip foundations footings – only an even, hardened floor is required. Depending on the ground surface, the object is fixed with “pins” (beach, grass, tennis court) or expansion anchors (concrete, asphalt, paving stones).

Cheap and permanent tent halls

Tent halls are also characterised by a much lower price of construction, compared to the traditional constructions, and the possibility of applying a 10% depreciation rate. The Haleco System aluminium constructions function well both at home and abroad.

Construction of a tent hall and snow resistance…

Tents have a high snow resistance, which is in the range of 70kg to 200kg of snow per square metre.

The Haleco system is also characterized by the use of the highest quality materials, such as:

  • hot-dip galvanized steel connectors,
  • attested ITB tarpaulin,
  • trapezoidal sheet coated with polyester.

Technical specifications

Materials used:

  • Aluminium construction of 6063, 6005A, 6082, 6061 alloys (in accordance with the wind load standard WG PN-77/B-02011 and the snow load standard WG PN-80/B-02010)
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel connectors
  • 650-900 gr/m2 tarpaulin, B,s2-d0 attested
  • T-18 trapezoidal sheet metal coated with polyester

Standard dimensions:

  • Length: any – applying one span every 5m allows for the most optimal price per m2.
  • Width: any – from 1 to 30m (10-20m wide halls offer the lowest price per m2).

Production time: from the date of placing the order to the start of construction: 1-2 months.

Delivery time at the construction site: depending on the ground surface, on average 1-5 days.

We produce tent halls adapted to different customer needs, including:

Sports facilities/horse riding halls

PVC tarpaulin roof – a fire resistance certificate,
PVC tarpaulin sides

Warehouse/production halls

PVC tarpaulin roof – a fire resistance certificate,
sandwich panels sides

Warehouse/production halls

PVC tarpaulin roof – a fire resistance certificate,
trapezoidal sheet metal sides

Sports facilities/ice rinks

PVC tarpaulin roof – a fire resistance certificate,
PVC tarpaulin sides

Warehouse/production halls

PVC tarpaulin roof – a fire resistance certificate,
PVC tarpaulin sides

Gastronomy facilities

PVC tarpaulin roof – a fire resistance certificate,
PVC tarpaulin sides

Fast-setting tents

the roof and sides of polyester fabric

The basic colour palette:

TARPAULIN: Colour name – RAL equivalent

white 9010
pearl white 1013
signal yellow 1003
red carmine 3002
light blue 5012
blue ultramarine 5002
burnt green 6026
light grey 7044

SHEETS: Colour name – RAL equivalent

Fast-setting tents

Our standard offer tents have the following dimensions:

2mx2m, 2mx3m, 3mx3m, 3mx4.5m, 4mx4m, 3mx6m.

A fast-setting tent is characterised by:

  • the speed of assembly and disassembly without using any tools
  • a homogeneous construction with a fixed roof
  • it is easy to transport
  • it is an excellent advertising medium – large exposition surfaces for logos
  • fast-setting tents can be easily and quickly set up (one minute is enough), which is why they are perfect as temporary objects at various outdoor events or fairs.
  • The structure of the tent is an aluminium frame and the cover is polyester fabric with the possibility of printing by pigmentation or screen printing.

If you have any questions, contact our sales department or use our quotation form.