Tent halls with sides made of sandwich panel

Tent halls with sandwich panel sides

can be used, among others, as:

  • a warehouse,
  • a production room,
  • a catering hall,
  • a horse riding hall,
  • a production hall,
  • a roofing for sports facilities.


  • all-season constructions,
  • the highest quality of workmanship,
  • an aluminium frame,
  • unusual durability and resistance to atmospheric and mechanical factors.

The advantage of industrial halls is primarily the durable and extreme weather resistant, aluminium construction, and in addition:

  • Their construction is based on an aluminium frame, which is covered with a polyurethane sandwich panel.
  • They are convenient in operation, stable and very durable.
  • It is possible to build structures in various sizes.
  • Halls can be easily transported to a chosen place.
  • They are an excellent alternative to a traditional production hall.
  • They can have lighting as well as heating. Thus, they can be used after dark and in cold weather.
  • They are resistant to harmful atmospheric factors, such as UV rays, wind, rainfall.
  • They can be used in the temperature range from -30 to +70 degrees C.
  • They allow for cost optimization due to lower operating fees related to, among others, the property tax.
  • The possibility to install an electrical installation and an alarm system (in co-operation with InterAlarm).
  • The possibility of leasing or factoring.
  • Compliance with the Polish Construction Law.
  • The construction without supports allows for the use of the entire usable space.
  • A 36-month Haleco warranty.

The use of year round tent halls

Flexible use and high functionality allow warehouse halls to replace traditional buildings with success. In terms of use they are in no way inferior to brick or steel structures. Any products can be stored in tent halls: food, building materials, equipment and appliances.

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